enabling long-term partnerships

    expected terminal characteristics

    • Throughput of up to 1,200 mmscf/d, commencing with 600 mmscf/d in the start-up phase.
    • Storage capacity of up to 480,000 m3, with two tanks of 240,000 m3 each.
    • Initial volumes to be facilitated with onshore regasification and floating storage to accommodate early commencement of operations.
    • Initial single jetty, with two jetties in operation upon commercial start-up of the second 240,000 m3 tank.
    • Ship capacity of up to Q-Flex in size, larger size subject to Port Qasim navigation boundaries.
    • Primary regasification facility.
    • Unloading rate up to 14,000 m3/hr, potential load out rate of 4,000 m3/hr.
    • Grid connection to pipeline capacity on the South-North Gas Pipeline.
    • Trucking facilities, two truck loading gantries included in the design.

    business concept of the terminal

    Pakistan Onshore LNG is an independent LNG terminal operator. It will not have a commercial interest in the trade or marketing of LNG or natural gas associated with the terminal operations.

    As an independent company, the terminal will offer the services to any suitably qualified company wishing to use the services offered on an open access basis. Pakistan Onshore LNG will provide potential customers opportunity to use the independent LNG import and distribution terminal capacity by means of an open season process.

    Capacity of the terminal will be managed by Pakistan Onshore LNG on a shared inventory management model, hence providing the most efficient use of the capacity for all contracted parties.

    how to become a
    potential customer?

    Please fill in your details to register.

    Pakistan Onshore LNG confirms that all information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

    interested party confirms the following:

    • The Interested Party are active in the LNG trading market and/or the sale of natural gas in Pakistan.
    • That the Interested Party have an existing credit rating of BBB (S&P/Fitch) or the ability to provide supporting documentation to support a rating or collateral instead.
    • When using the terminal, the Interested Party will abide by all applicable international technical and safety standards.
    • The Interested Party and the companies/persons affiliated with the Interested Party are not subject to sanctions of the USA, UK, EU or any other states or institutions.
    • The Interested Party acknowledges that the registration as a potential customer of Pakistan Onshore LNG is conditioned upon
      • The foregoing confirmations
      • Completion of a confidentiality agreement with Pakistan Onshore LNG which will be provided after completion of the registration form and is to be executed by a duly authorized officer of the Interested Party.
    • Sole right of the Operator to allocate Services to any potential customer.